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Et après​.​.​. le néant

from by Atrum Tempestas



I've forgotten what life is like and I am drowning
I have not seen my purpose for years
I have been roaming forever
and will until the end of time

after all these years
I have nothing
after all is said
we become nothing

I wish I was as the ocean
always swept away by the winds
yet always where I was meant to be
never torn away from my purpose

I wish I had the strength
what's the purpose of carrying on
when all the promises of change
are as shallow as this reality

I am still roaming these lands
I only find struggle and chaos
there's never the certainty of home
only the uncertainty of life

I fall

like I had fallen before
yet I never hit the ground
I am floating
in this everlasting state

time cycles forever
I had been there before
this damned solitude
this cursed existence

I was not ready
to leave all this behind
to leave life

I never could
however I tried
however I struggled

I saw no light
no hope
no way out



from Néant, released October 13, 2014
M — Kylmäaho / Perttunen, 2013
L — Kylmäaho, 2013 — 2014

Guest acoustic guitar by Lethalm.
Guest piano solo by Örnberg.



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Atrum Tempestas Finland

Atrum Tempestas plays atmospheric metal exclusively since 2007.

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