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Quitter ceux qui étaient déjà partis

from by Atrum Tempestas



I'm just biding my time in this world
motionless, without emotions to spare
this poem has been a long time coming
and in my thoughts only emptiness

as my hand begins to move
the ink smears away
what was meant to be is already forgotten
the walls are closing in and I have nothing

an empty shell contemplating on existence
and the insignificance of it all
whatever the truth in these lies
there is no value in emotions

I rose up from my soft bed
only to fall on this concrete floor
I struggled to get up
only to fall down again

I forgot where I was headed
and I forgot where I came from
I didn't see anything meant for me
and I didn't see anything...

everyone and everything I had to leave behind
for the sake of my own sanity
if only to prolong this pointless existence
I choose to forget

I have only a memory left
a single connection to this universe
how to break these chains
and transcend above this pestilence

however torn I were to become
with you leaving before me
I would still see a glimmer of hope
emptiness has always been there for me

there I could see a sign of life
here but a drop of reality
is it better to carry death
or the burdens of existence

tragedy strikes at the hearts of the frail
and the strong-willed just walk by
coldness strikes at the heart of my soul
and the passion is taken over by apathy
fear of whatever the future holds for me
and I'm afraid to take another step
the anger towards the betrayal of my person
and I find my home forever in solitude

despite of it all, I am not ready
to leave those behind who came before
although I try to stand strong and tall
pale as death is my face

tavoittamattomiin hukkuneet
ovat nämä olemattomat tunteet
miksi edes yrittää eteenpäin
kaikki on jätetty taakse

ja taivas valuu mustaa
vuodet putoavat päälleni
paljon on taakkani kantaa
on matka vasta aluillaan


from Néant, released October 13, 2014
M — Kylmäaho / Perttunen, 2013
L — Kylmäaho, 2013 — 2014



all rights reserved


Atrum Tempestas Finland

Atrum Tempestas plays atmospheric metal exclusively since 2007.

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