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from by Atrum Tempestas



for ages I have watched
millions of souls passing by
I have seen the face of lies
and the truths screaming in captivity

I guide humanity into the waters
and as mankind plunders
I sit by the river
weeping for all that is lost

humanity is trailing steps backwards
competing for its own ending
as time keeps winding forward
they embrace their fate

I am a branch
cut from a tree of ash
by the men that I fed
and I fell into the waters
the lake guided me into a river
and by that river
I was found in the ocean

and this branch hit the rocks on the shore
waiting to be carried back into the sea
but the waves forced me inland
and I cracked
this lonely branch sat motionless
ja minä jäin leijumaan
vailla merkitystä

and all I now see
is trees sheltered by trees
the lonely guardians
lost their purpose
and I slept under this great grey sky
and I slept...

two thousand things I left behind and
two thousand things I never saw and
two thousand things were without me


from Néant, released October 13, 2014
M — Kylmäaho / Perttunen, 2013
L — Kylmäaho, 2013



all rights reserved


Atrum Tempestas Finland

Atrum Tempestas plays atmospheric metal exclusively since 2007.

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